CONNECT Linguistic Services specializes in patent related and engineering materials as well as contracts and business legal documents. We provide patent firms, corporations, research institutes, etc. with translation services. CONNECT Linguistic Services accommodates a variety of translation needs from small documents to large projects requiring a project team. Contact us for any questions.

Areas of Translation Services

Areas of
Translation Services

Patent Related and Other Technical Translations

Personally Handling All Processes throughout Translation

Allows Close Communication with Client

CONNECT Linguistic Services’ expertise fields encompass electrical and electronic engineering and mechanical engineering; and Hiroki translates patents relating to a variety of products including semiconductors, computer equipment, telecommunication equipment, and medical devices. For many years now, CONNECT Linguistic Services has received translation requests from many clients including patent firms, and our clients enjoy translations that are faithful to the original and yet easy to read.

What is important with patent translations is communication with the clients, not to mention accurate rendering. At CONNECT Linguistic Services, Hiroki Fukuyama, who is the representative and has a long career, personally handles the entire process so that close communication with the clients in detail is made possible.

Areas of Specialty

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Semiconductor
  • Computer Equipment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Medical Equipment


Patent Related Documents

  • Patent Application (Request, Specifica-
    tion, Claims, Abstract, Drawing)
  • Published Unexamined Patent Application
  • Office Action
  • Amendment
  • Written Opinion
  • Opposition
  • Others

Business Legal Translations

Business Legal TranslationsSupported by Depth of Experience

CONNECT Linguistic Services also provides translation services of a variety of business. We have translated documents such as those listed below through services with which we have provided multiple law offices. Hiroki’s experiences of being exposed to numerous types of documents and being personally responsible for marketing and business planning, while he worked in the Japanese manufacturer’s U.S. subsidiaries, contribute to the high level of perfection of translation of business legal documents.

Examples of Business Legal Translations

  • Contract
  • Attorney-Client Communication
  • Other Attorney Work Products

Other Translation Needs

Reputation for Accurate and Thorough Translation

Over 15 years of experience as professional translator

Hiroki Fukuyama delivers accurate translation while focusing on the customer’s need for the translation and enjoys a reputation for thorough yet easy to understand rendering. His translation is enhanced due to his engineering background and natural English he learned through more than 20 years of experience working in the United States as an expatriate employee of Japan’s leading manufacturer of electric and electronics products and over 15 years of experience as a professional translator.

Experience as technical and business liaison in addition to 16 years of engineering experience
During his time as an expatriate employee of the Japanese manufacturer, he acquired his experience as an engineer for 10 years and as a technical and business liaison between Japan and the U.S. for 6 years. His experience also includes marketing and business planning activities. He prides himself on possessing not only technical knowledge but also a comprehensive business perspective.

Hiroki Fukuyama's Profile

Hiroki Fukuyama was born in Fukuoka, Japan. He joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as an engineer after graduating from National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College, Electrical Engineering Department in 1981. Hiroki was stationed in Los Angeles, California from 1983 through 1997, supporting sales of computer peripheral products through quality assurance, technical support, and other related activities. Hiroki was trained over the years to pick up fine nuances of and understand each party’s detailed requests and proposals, interfacing between OEM customers and the factories in Japan; and in turn convey them to the other party in its own language, through which he built his foundation as a translator. Hiroki also lived in Hyogo, Japan; Atlanta, Georgia; and Los Angeles, California while he was involved in marketing and business planning of mobile telephone handsets since 1997. He left Mitsubishi in 2002 to launch CONNECT Linguistic Services. Using his background as an engineer and management experience including the skills such as working with financial statements, Hiroki has translated many documents ranging from patent/technical related materials to business related legal affairs. Hiroki is certified by American Translators Association for translating from English into Japanese.


Xevo Inc.

“I hired Hiroki in 2018 to translate our company's website content from English to Japanese and then again in 2020 when we updated our website. The content was highly technical and featured a lot of automotive and software industry-specific verbiage. Hiroki did an amazing job with the translation and was truly a pleasure to work with throughout the translation process. He worked quickly and was very communicative during the project. He was very thorough and asked thoughtful questions to ensure the content was translated appropriately for our target audience. I highly recommend working with Hiroki for any English-Japanese translation needs, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

- Caitlin Shanly,
Senior Marketing Manager

International Centre for Diffraction Data

“Hiroki's willingness to embrace the highly-technical content for our scientific software interface translation was greatly appreciated, and his high-quality work has been noted by our Japanese colleagues. He worked relentlessly and effectively under the pressure of an aggressive deadline. Our job required Hiroki to work remotely in our California office, working closely with our development staff. His work ethic and personal skills are A++. We would certainly engage his services again.”

- Steph Jennings,
Conference Coordinator

Keisen Associates

“Mr. Fukuyama has provided reliable translation services including accurate translation and delivery thereof on time. His ability to translate complex technical documents related to patent, especially in the field of electronics and its related subjects, is outstanding. His translation services are very dependable.”

- Makoto Izawa,
IP Technical Advisor, Keisen Associates

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

“CONNECT Linguistic Services provided our litigation team with comprehensive translation services that were invaluable. Hiroki Fukuyama helped streamline a variety of translation projects on a complex case which included review of thousands of documents of both a technical and non-technical nature. Mr. Fukuyama worked with our team to determine what documents needed translation and to distribute the work among highly qualified Japanese-language translators. He managed the various projects in order to ensure an expeditious and accurate translation of key documents. He is a delight to work with!”

- Mehrnaz Boroumand Smith,

Baker & Hostetler LLP

I hired Hiroki to work with our team on a highly technical translation assignment for a complex patent litigation. He led a team of translators who were not technically trained through the review of a staggering volume of Japanese engineering documents. Hiroki is both a pleasure to work with and someone who really knows how to get the job done.

- Jeb Oblak


Accurate, reliable, and dependable. Thanks for the great service!

- Brenda K. Seat

Van Dyke Consulting

“Hiroki proved invaluable in a large, complex technical translation project related to a collection of microprocessor patents in litigation, personally translating and directing a team of translators to provide English versions of hundreds of technical documents.”

- Korbin Van Dyke

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